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Maria H

Hello Cindy!
Great job writing this. It was like you were in my head saying my exact words ...
I'm a young soprano from Europe, and when I started being serious about auditions and competitions I thought the secret of success was "investing". Now I've come to realise, that the auditions and competitions that cost so much didn't bring me anything. I always was more successfull when behaving like a professional and not like a beggar who would do anything to be in.
It's a tough business and you can loose lots of precious time only trying to learn how it works!


Hi Maria,

It's a soapbox issue of mine that young singers receive almost NO education in how to start their business --- nor are they taught to think of it as a business which they must prepare for and figure out how to fund.

All the folks saying "singers have to invest in their careers" are right --- but singers need some guidance in determining which opportunities are worthy of investment. The folks saying "stop whining --- you knew what you were getting into" are only partly right. A lot of young singers have NO idea what they're getting into, which is partially their fault for not doing better research, but also the fault of their educators for not providing up-to-date resources.

The folks who claim that application/audition fees "weed out those who aren't serious" have no idea what they're talking about. The only people getting weeded out are those who can't pay the fee because, perhaps, they prefer to pay the rent this month so they don't have to conduct their careers from a cardboard box in the alley.

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