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But this renders all criticisms moot:




You're magnificent. *BIGSQUISH*

Alejandro Garri

You couldn't have expressed my own views and thoughts more accurately! Brava!

Shana Blake Hill

thank god somebody else said it, and extremely well. I am sick to death of answering this question after every reality show "opera singer" makes a splash. No one is doing the Olympic trials after run walking their hometown 5k so why should anyone who can match pitches be suddenly a factor in the music world. Its absurd and it feeds into the disappointment and narcissistic fantasy life of thousands of students who want to be "fixed" over night and immediately hit the audition circuit the next month. Singing classically and unamified is a sport as well as an art and everyone who can turn around three times is NOT a ballerina.
Continue your awesomeness now please...


FYI, She had 2 days before the Miss Kansas pageant to change her talent and had approx. 2 months with a vocal coach prior to Miss America.


Thanks, Colleen. do you have a source for that info? I could not find any references to her vocal training.

I find it very strange that she was uninformed about the rules governing the pageant's talent segment until just two days before. And two months is not very long to prepare to perform in a major venue, especially if you have no prior training. You'd think her teacher would have helped her find a piece that was more appropriate for her both vocally and musically, especially with such a short time to prepare.


You're welcome Cindy. I am the source, she is my cousin. I am not an expert on opera, but she has a beautiful voice and I can tell you that her performance live was far better in person than televised, that is with most performances. I agree more lessons are needed, but we are still so very proud of her for winning over America as Peoples Choice. Trust me when I say, you have not seen that last of this talented young lady.


Thanks again for your comments, Colleen. I agree that Theresa has vocal talent. I hope that she continues her training with a good teacher and, if she has a genuine interest in singing opera, that she will really study the genre and repertoire. I wish her nothing but the best.


I only have one quibble. Caro mio ben is not easy to sing. It's easy to learn the notes and relatively easy to learn to pronounce the words, but singing a medium slow aria with true legato and acceptable phrasing is very hard. Miss Kansas would have fared no better singing Caro mio ben than she did singing Nessun dorma. The problem is not so much the piece, as the lack of training. I went to college with a few dozen pageant participants. Some of them were quite sane, had fun, earned some scholarship money and felt that the process helped them conquer some fears like public speaking, performance anxiety and the dreaded interview process (as they were about to graduate and start interviewing for jobs). Then there's the dark side of all that which I think for anyone without a good head on their shoulders and a strong bullshit detector (which I didn't have at that age either so I know I'm throwing rocks in my own glass house) is going to get sucked into. For that reason I'm against beauty pageants. I'm all for competitions for athletes, performing artists, scholars etc. I don't even have a problem with competitions for aspiring models. But the pageant thing is just absurd and a bizarre anachronism. Is having women parade around in bikinis and high heels really the best way to award college scholarships? Let's think about that for a moment. It's ridiculous. As for the "talent", I knew some very talented women who were encouraged to participate in pageants precisely because they were pretty and could sing, dance, play an instrument etc. I also knew women who could only sing one well-coached 2 minute song or play one piece on the piano. There was a Miss Arkansas back in the day who could only play a short excerpt of Flight of the Bumblebee on the flute. Other than that she couldn't so much play scales. She had learned one piece and it was a shock to the people who run the pageant that this was the extent of her repertoire. What is the point in that really?

So, I don't think Miss Kansas is a bad person (I don't know her and wouldn't play that game if I did) or that she couldn't learn to sing better. But what she did was not good and there's no reason for those of us who know better to pretend that it was. Our society is so mean and nasty about people's appearance (often about thins that cannot be changed), intelligence, social status and so many other things but flying spaghetti monster forbid we should have an opinion about something we are more than qualified to evaluate. From what I hear most of the other singing wasn't much better. There are voice teachers out there that can coach pop styles. Why embarrass yourself when you can have lessons. I dare say she'd never have picked out a gown or swimsuit for the competition without an expert opinion.

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