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It's not just the gays who are being persecuted. Anyone not considered Russian enough by the mobs is being brutalized. That includes religious minorities (including Jews), ethnic minorities and all sorts of other people. It's a terrible situation. And as if that weren't bad enough we have to cross our fingers and hope that Chechnyan rebels don't blow the whole place up. They knew this was a nightmare over a year ago and should have moved the games. As it is world leaders are staying home because it's just not safe to be there. Is it safe for the tourists and athletes? Hell NO! Meanwhile the reporters are only concerned about their crappy hotel rooms. What a sad state of affairs.

No, I'm not watching. Maybe the athletes can get together at some point and demand the IOC be run by people who care about the games and not greedy corrupt d-bags like have run things for decades now. Until then we should all just stay home and when they're on tv watch something else. I love the events but it's just too horrible to watch and not think about all the people being brutalized under the Putin's fascist regime.

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