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Over it

Holy God, is this dead horse glue yet?


So very sorry you were dragged here and forced to read, Over It. But thanks for doing so!


Applause to you Cindy. 'In the trenches singers' . Great line- consider it borrowed! Branding, business skills, networking, mission- plain old business skills that singers need training in. The days of ' if you 're good enough they'll discover you' are gone, gone and will never return. Singers are small business operators and need to act and learn to do so. Commercial singers are often very competent at this- classical singers need to learn and model. Giving their power to hirers, firers, gatekeepers and wafty Art for art sake ideals disempowers singers. Thanks for your thoughts.


Hi Cindy.
I especially like your second point. For some reason, I feel compelled to write a blog, and some people are not always happy to hear my point of view (remember: "We get it. You have a blog. Jesus Christ"?) But yes, internalizing your craft, then putting it in words to try and help others (or make sense of it yourself) is a big part of becoming a professional.
Love the font, too, btw! ;-)


Excellent! Performers need to know and use the advice from all these posts of yours. These student singsrs aren't going to just slump on through life wondering what's going on. They can be proactive!

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