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Kelli Butler

Cindy, thank you so much for all of your time and effort in coordinating. So many great points from both sides here.
Number 6, man. Remember, we aren't well known yet, but we are still artists trying to be working professionals in this great art form. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as much as you do. :)

Doing It Too Long To Be This Dumb

More than a little misinformation here:

No, in Germany, you don't always get a letter saying that they don't want/like you.

And with regard to companies saying what spots are open in a program, sometimes they don't know so early. They don't know if they will want to keep a first year singer in a fach. And what if that person applies to a bigger program and gets in and there's a hole and no sopranos applied because they thought she'd stay.

Speaking of posted numbers, does Opera Saratoga really need $30,000 in fees? Is their audition trip THAT expensive?

And mass YAP auditions? No. How well do the NYIOPs work now? They don't. When everyone needs something different and programs are at all different levels, no. And didn't you even think that companies have different schedules and come to NYC or whatever other city when they can within their own calendar?

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