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Leading Lady

Sopranos sing Annina too, so yes, they would know. And most of the time those are the young ones covering Traviata who will sing it in a few years. And yeah, there are small roles. These are fine examples. Unless you're doing them all the way White used to do them at the Met before that terrible accident, they aren't that lucrative - and for her it was a choice since her voice for first class and of leading quality and she wanted to stay in one place, not just where life dumped her.




UnholyMezzo, you just made me splorf. BRAVA, SISTAH!

the maid/governess/mother

Amen, and pass the handkerchief! We are the masters of sub-text looking involved and interested while leaning across a fountain or balustrade, back cramping, leg cramping, or knees riveted to the set....
Loved this.

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