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What an excellent, post, thank you! I caution my voice students that our ears have been deeply effected by recordings. The human voice, even a well-trained one, is rarely so flawless. Like the air-brushed photos on magazine covers, we begin to aspire to something that doesn't even exist. My university is currently on break but when classes resume I imagine Idina's performance struggles will generate some discussion and I intend to reference this post (and your entire blog!). We do need to recognize that human voices are just that; human.

Fran Rush

So, after all, humans are just not perfect. In reference to "Let it Go," I'm not too crazy about the song, but for the younger set--say 3-6--it's fun. I've seen many little girls--including my granddaugher who (at 3) knew every word, note and gesture from the scene in "Frozen." Perhaps for many, it was their first chance to learn a complete song and be able to match the notes. For the grandparents, it was very cute. Trust me on that.

Paul Levinson

As a 40+ year Choral (Yes, I know it's not solo work or anywhere near it, but it still requires dedication, skills, rhythm and an ear) Singer, a few of them at Oberlin, I've stood around waiting to sing on cool mornings, two most notably at National Cathedral in D.C. and St. Patrick's in NYC....and my voice simply doesn't work before 3:00 p.m. or later. It's a biological fact of my voice. So if Idina M. screwed up on National TV after standing around in sub-freezing temps for however long, it's a NONISSUE for anyone who understands the biology of singing. Anyone commenting anywhere who is NOT a casual, avocational or professional singer can just pipe down about a wrong note under the conditions I am sure Irina was managing as best she could.

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