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I've been a performer-teacher for my entire professional life (and proud of it, as anybody who manages both of those careers should be!), but pretty much by accident have fallen into a third music-related income stream, in the form of photography for performers. I was very reluctant to take the photography beyond hobbyist to professional, but with much encouragement (not least from yourself!), I took the plunge a couple of years ago to formalize it as a business. I run it under a business name so as not to water-down my singing "brand" which is my actual name, and even now am a bit self-conscious about it; I very much consider myself a singer first and foremost, and it is NOT my full-time job, but something I do because I enjoy it. The fact that it has been an unexpected and rewarding co-activity to performing and teaching in the lean times of recent years has been a pleasant bonus.

I will add that one artistic director told me that far from watering down my singing brand, to him it made me more interesting. I'm not sure all TPTB feel that way, but it was an interesting comment to hear................

Elizabeth McDonald

Thank you Cindy for posting this fantastic reminder of what being an artist is all about! I teach an undergraduate class called "Topics in Performance Practices" which is a pretty broad title! This year I hosted a few working singers who talked about their various jobs that support their lives - music and singing was the main thread but their view of being an entrepreneur was central to their message. Interestingly enough, after spending the remainder of the year requiring the singers to program recitals, learn recit, stage arias, and the rest of the "singing" things, the strongest/most postive feedback I received from the students was on the entrepreneurial information for their careers. Clearly I will be spending more time and energy revising the curriculum to reflect the REALITY of life and supporting a career as a singer! And I will continue to tweak my own life/work balance as a wife, mother, singer, university teacher, office administrator, volunteer, and current general contractor for my house reno! :-)

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