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And let's not forget White Privilege, too. Thanks for speaking out for all of us who struggle for justice and compassion in this crazy world.

MaryBeth D. Smith

Thank you for an important contribution to the ongoing discussion.
You may be interested to know that the Associated Press Stylebook provides guidelines for journalists and other writers who write about transgender issues. The terms "transgendered" and "transgenderism" are problematic and can be substituted by more respectful and accurate (and grammatically correct) terms. The full outline is provided in this summary by GLAAD.
Great information here for anyone who wants to be a better ally.
How did I learn all of this? By working with numerous transgender individuals over the past seven years to help them with voice and movement issues. I would say that, when one gets to know a transgender person, and hears the story of their life, and the sacrifices they make, the dangers to life and limb and the continual indignities they suffer on a daily basis - one might indeed use the word "courageous" to describe a journey and process that most of us cannot imagine.
Thanks again.

MaryBeth D. Smith

Oops! The link to the GLAAD article did not come through. I will try again. If is doesn't work, Google "terms transgendered and transgenderism," and the GLAAD Media Reference Guide will come up.

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