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Richard Blinkoff

Cindy - You are quite simply amazing. Have been since I met you and very probably for a long, long time before that. And I know and daily thank you for your generous, wonderful support of my own work. I can't even begin to imagine how many other creative persons you have given energy to. This is an inspiring piece. Congratulations.

Claudia Friedlander

Thank you for this thoughtful and encouraging piece, Cindy.

Those who would discourage and limit your creative impulses often quietly harbor failures and regrets of their own. I think I’d like to keep a stash of ukeleles or flutophones on hand and when I encounter a naysayer, just smile and give them one…

Katy Marriott

Beautifully expressed, as usual. Thank you!

Jessica Marsten

Cindy, you are, without doubt, one of the wisest and most generous women I know. Thank you so much for this exquisitely written, powerful, and empowering statement.

Marcy Richardson

Great post. Identify with this so much! My mom says things like "oh, maybe you will get your big break soon." Um, I am living my big break! After years of ups and downs, I go to a theater and perform 6 nights a week to sing opera, theater dance and that's my full time job and how I pay my bills. I don't know if she doesn't think it's legit because I do aerial and pole dancing stuff in it or what. Since moving to New York, I have literally solo'd in every concert hall at Lincoln center and Carnegie (except the met) and still, "maybe I will get a break!" I wish it didn't anger and frustrate me so much. I mean what does she even mean? Is it my met debut or something? Otherwise I am just waiting around for a break of some kind and unless it's broadway (not off Broadway, like now which must not count?) or the met I am still waiting around for a break or something? I don't understand. At all.

Michael Kysar

Beautifully said! As teachers, I think our role is to participate in the student's telemetry process. (i.e. Where do I want to go? Where am I now? What is my next step?) When they ask me what their chance of success is, I tell them, "You have almost no chance, but that's not important." Then we go to work. Replacing the rumination of negativity is often the first step.

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