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Not Paying

Do people really view pay to sing organizations as actual companies?

Fachless Wonter

I heard that Danielle Wright person skipped town without paying singers in Princeton. Classy girl, she is.

Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright (I) paid everyone with a contract to receive payment. If you'd like to contact me more about this, please do so! I'm sorry that you seem to be hurt by this to lash out in this way. Hope to help you work through this soon! Danielle


Not Paying - I don't think people do view pay-to-sings as "companies" in the same way they do other producing organizations. However, the singers who run these programs are certainly producers. In the case of Spotlight, we're a bit of a hybrid --- we have a summer training program which is most definitely a pay-to-sing, but at other times of the year we produce a variety of concerts (often semi-staged) using both professional and developing artists, and are working towards being able to pay singers for these consistently.

Fachless Wonder - if you have an ax to grind, perhaps the classy thing to do would be to contact Ms. Wright directly with your complaints, rather than leave anonymous, unsubstantiated rumors on blog posts. Or if you prefer to hash it out publicly, have the courage of your convictions, use your real name, and substantiate your claims.

Not Paying

Karma will come back to the woman who didn't pay singers. Or maybe small claims court. Such would be worthwhile.

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