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Chavaleh Forgey

This is a fantastic article -- I'm a vocal coach and conductor and strive every day to "support my own." I'm making this required reading for my singers! Thank you.

Emily Murdock

GREAT article. But I'd like to add that young voice students at a university or conservatory need to recognize that when their voice teachers or coaches set the bar high, they should strive to meet that bar. Being pushed to be better, to learn your craft well, doesn't mean someone is being disrespectful of you. Now, if it's being done in a way that IS disrespectful (name calling, demeaning or belittling behavior, etc.), then that's another story. But great teachers and coaches SHOULD push their students to be and do their best. Otherwise the cycle of graduates who are not truly prepared for professional work will just keep on going, and that is unacceptable. Singers shouldn't pay thousands of dollars for an education that isn't actually educating them and getting them ready for the professional world.

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