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Mr. Ed

It was not a station wagon, it was a white Buick LeSabre, 4-door, a '64 I think, and the back seat was removed so Noodles could stand up. She spent the first night in town.


You'd remember better than me, Tom! I was only 3 or 4.

Lucas Rosenzweig

Do you have any picture of the Blue Bomber you're talking about? If you didn't mention anything about the speed it was running or the year the pick-up was made, the people here are definitely going to ask how ancient is ancient. Haha!


Well ,Lucas, I was about 3 at the time, so I don't know how fast it ran or what the year was. I think it was probably from the 40's and I don't remember going very fast, but then we never drove it on roads ... just across the fields. Sadly, I have no photos. However, there is one just like it (except not blue) in the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum. :)

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