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  • Madame Armfeldt, A Little Night Music, Alamo City Opera
    February 3 & 4, 2018 https://www.alamocityopera.org/

Cindy on Stage

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    I play dress-up for a living.
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June 09, 2009



Wow, you were near my neck of the woods (Manhattan Beach). I've always wondered what Havana Mania was like.

Glad you had a happy birthday, Cindy!


Cindy - It's interesting that you mentioned "eating past fullness" Sunday night and how it "wasn't worth it"... because I felt the same way! I am HAPPILY back to my Jenny program today and look forward to making continued good/better choices. And I can't wait to roast my own veggies the way you taught me!

My company's Cardio-Salsa classes (which I'm pretty sure I mentioned to you) start this evening. Yesterday's bike ride revved my physical engine and I can't wait to Move More (TM) tonight.

You are an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend. ::smooch::


Happy Birthday! You look mahvelous!

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