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June 24, 2009



Hi there!

Just wanted to follow up on my earlier post. Here is the Amazon link to the Refuse to Regain book. http://www.amazon.com/Refuse-Regain-Tough-Maintain-Earned/dp/1884956939/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1246283473&sr=8-1

I don't agree with everything in the book, but it definitely has some useful tools that I have been following (and also see the pitfalls that I've fallen into myself in the past). I actually have found the guidance about unrefined carbs/sugar extremely helpful.

Please also check out refusetoregain.com. It is a website that a lot of "maintainers" find very helpful -- just good to here what other folks who struggle on this journey have learned.

Best of luck!


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your good wishes and support!

Theresa, it's not that I didn't realize I was gaining or was trying to hide it, but I certainly wasn't shining the spotlight on it that I should have. Scale Amnesty can be a useful tool when you find yourself getting obsessed, but clearly it can also be a crutch. I'm retiring it for the time being and going back to my daily weight log!

Kelly, it is remarkably easy to gain a ridiculous amount in just a couple of weeks, but the good news is that when it goes on quickly, it usually comes off quickly, too.

Chris, thanks for reading and for the kind words. Community is really important for ALL of us faced with this challenge! I'm glad my story helps you.

Anon, thanks for writing! I've never heard of the book you mention, but it sounds like it has some similar ideas to Beck. I'll check for it next time I'm in the bookstore.


Hi there:

I love your blog! Just wanted to offer a thought. I've noticed that you have mentioned "Scale Amnesty" a few times. For me, I think that the times I gained weight were times when I didn't get on the scale often enough and basically ignored what was happening. I am sure you have read the Refuse to Regain book (also the website refusetoregain.com)? I have found many of the tools in the book very helpful for maintenance. One thing that it recommends (and I think that the Beck Diet Solution approach also does) is weighing yourself daily. The idea is to keep yourself accountable and catch yourself in slip ups before you climb up the scales significantly (also, if you reach a "scream" weight, the idea is that you take immediate action). While I know that there's a danger of investing too much of how you feel about yourself on a number on the scale, that downside seems to me to be outweighed by careful monitoring. It's so hard to lose 20 lbs, but it is so very easy to regain it. Good luck!

Chris Lopez

Thank you for your honesty. It really helps those of us also on this challenging road take solace that we have terrific and honest companions along the way who share our struggles.


We ALL go up and down in weight, so if anything, this post is inspirational. Your weight loss was much quicker than mine ( I am currently losing 1 pound a week for 4 months now), and when I went on vacation last week, I gained 9 pounds. In one week! So I know how easy it is to gain 20, and I know you'll lose it. Way to go for catching it early.


BTW.... sometimes it takes a bit of a kick in the pants to get back at it. This is yours! Mine was when I started researching gastric banding surgery. That's when I knew I certainly needed to do SOMETHING more than what I was doing.
Cheers. :)


This might come as a surprise to you Cindy, but you might be the last one to know about the gain!!! It was quite obvious to me.... mainly because it has happened to me too. Daily tracking when the news is NOT good is very mentally draining. I always knew you were teetering on the edge. I fully believed that you would overcome this and I certainly think that you are inspirational, a person to be admired and a wonderful example to us all. You don't have to be perfect Cindy! You are a success just as you are.

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