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January 09, 2010



Thanks for your perspective, FitFunk. Also, you know, it gets pretty boring for readers when we bloggers are agonizing over every little pound.
Plateau = maintenance preview! Brilliant!


I also loved PQ's post and value her honesty. And I really admire your stick-to-itiveness. I think the first time I lost a lot of weight (~80 lbs) I went through a plateau and instead of embracing it as a maintenance preview and appreciating my efforts and successes, I just freaked out and went "off" the path. I think it's very important to keep doing what you're doing and focus on the success, not the i-still-have-X-to-go. Which is surprisingly hard! And why I changed the weigh-ins on my blog to monthly (tho I do weigh myself weekly)..it's a way of reminding myself, months go by anyway and look you lost a couple pounds! Versus, ugh gained a pound this week, yay lost half a pound this week, etc etc etc! Keep on keepin on...


Great job on getting back on track NOW!!!

I wish you much success!


Mamie, as I've said before, I think this is pretty normal. One of the suggestions Habit Changer has made that I find really useful is to figure out your maintenance range --- 2% above and below your goal weight --- and as long as you are in that range, you needn't be concerned. (Like any of us would worry if we fell BELOW our maintenance range)!
I think it's really important to accept that going off track and regaining some weight is a NORMAL part of the process. It's important to realize this so that we won't beat ourselves up or panic when it happens. We won't start up with the negative self-talk which was part of the cycle that prevented us from losing in the first place. All we can do is take steps to fix it, and it's not going to be fixed overnight. So by getting back to our fitness routines, slowly getting back to the healthy eating, etc. we are doing ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. All that is required of us. And if we keep doing it, we'll get back where we want to be. So brava to you, and keep up the good work!

Kim, one of the things I realized when I started my last major weight loss effort was that many people who end up being successful long-term had a number of "false starts", myself included. The trick is to learn what did and didn't work for you in the past. Figure out why you regained. And keep up the good work ---you will get there!

Elisabeth, thank you and good luck (both with the wardrobe and the auditions). One of the problems with the media and commercial weight loss is that we don't get the whole picture. There's this desire to make everything look better, shinier, more perfect, less effortful than it really is. So while it's not always easy, I think one of my missions here is to be as honest and open as I can -- with myself, but also with my readers. More people need to speak out about the realities of the struggle, so people realize their issues AREN'T so different.



Thank you so much for this post, Cindy. I've been quietly following the blog and making progress with my own weight loss since the summer of 2008. My clothes are a bit tighter after the holidays, but still the same size - maintenance is a good thing! Getting back to Beck, talking about my goals, and surrounding myself with like-minded friends has been the best choice I could make once I caught the tighter clothes (gotta stay fit for my new audition wardrobe!). Thanks again for your inspiration!


Sigh. This is the THIRD time I am losing this particular 50 pounds. The main thing I have learned is not to beat myself up about it, nor to say, oh, well, just give up and go on eating to defeat. I have learned new strategies (some of them from this blog, thank you, Cindy!)


Thank you so much for all your Jan. posts, Cindy. This is a hard time of year! I also gained back some weight this fall: from birthday in Oct. to Thanksgiving through Christmas was a PROBLEM. I have been really slipping back into bad habits. I have been doing better at my exercise in Jan., but just like you, not like I was when I was losing regularly a year ago.

I had lost 39.5 pounds by last August, and now I have gained 18 of those back. I can still fit in my skinnier jeans, but no more pounds can pack back on!

I have found myself eating quantities of forbidden things over the holidays (cookies, chocolate), just munching away as though I am trying to make up for lost time when I wasn't eating this stuff.

New year. New thinking. I did it before and I can do it again.

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