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March 26, 2010



I have not watched the show but am eager to. I live in Wood County,WV. The school foodservice program really needs changed. The national school lunch/breakfast program was started because there were kids who were so poor that they could not get meals at home. Basically, it was to put some food in their bellies. School cooks were aloud to make their own menus and use their own recipes. They still had to follow federal guidelines. Now, most of our county school systems are run by 1 person. The food is AWFUL! Cooks dont even wash apples. They come prepackaged, prewashed, presliced and prerotten. EVERYTHING is processed. Our county foodservice director is terrible. French fries are served
EVERYDAY at the local high schools. By law, nothing else is permitted to be sold at the schools except what come from the school foodservice department. However, teachers are making money by selling chips, candy and other unhealthy items to students, on the sly. The schools have contributed to childhood obesity. We have gym teachers who cannot walk a lap around the gym yet can teach the kids to do it. One of my kids had a gym teacher on a walker.Yes,a walker


Celeste, you're right --- it is VERY difficult to go cold turkey. But as you start to replace poor, heavily processed foods with fresh, simply prepared food, your tastes adjust.

I remember at a party last year, someone offered me a piece of a Hot Pocket, and I thought I'd try it. I spit it out in a napkin --- it was unbelievably nasty! And my nephews devour them.


Wow. What an eye opener.

I am in my mid-40's and I remember there being knifes, forks and spoons on those nasty institutional green trays in elementary school.

I think our bodies become habituated to the additives and begin to crave them, so to ask children to change a diet in a week is a HUGE up-hill battle. In my own life, I have been trying to have a more healthy diet, but I have found it difficult to cut out the artificial sweetners (although I feel much better when I do). I was unable to go "cold turkey" which is what these children are doing.

I didn't know about this show. Thank for you for the link.


I dunno, Tune. My two brothers and I had kiddie cutlery when we were little and we were eating with forks and spoons before we ever went to school. As Jamie said on the show, they do it in Great Britain. But when I was a kid, we all sat down to family meals together. A lot of families don't do that any more --- they either eat separately, or grab their dinners and plop in front of the TV.
I think it's just a matter of the parents taking the time to educate their kids. And I do think this is something parents should do, not the responsibility of overworked teachers and lunch room monitors at school, but like so many other things, that may be the only place kids get this kind of education.

I also don't think it's any secret that nutritionally absent food is very often cheap food. But I also know that we grew up pretty poor --- sometimes when payday rolled around there was a whole dollar left in the checking account --- and my mom still managed to buy milk. So I think it's a combination of things. I do think a lot of people need to be educated about nutrition. They know that soft drinks and fried foods aren't good for you, but they may not really understand how bad they are. And when they're relatively cheap and easy to get, that compounds the problem. It's not just in West Virginia, or even just in small town America --- it's everywhere. And also, a lot of that cheap food is artificially cheap, because its production is heavily subsidized by the government and there are powerful food lobbies behind it. If the government was subsidizing the production of fresh veggies the way it does corn, we might be seeing some different menus in the schools.

Can't Carry a Tune in a Bucket

Cindy, Sometimes it's better to let children use a spoon until they're in 4 or 5th grade. To 3 boys only a year apart in age, forks and knives at the dinner table present handy means of conflict resolution with one another. Sometimes, it's just fun to annoy your brother by impulsively stabbing his unsuspecting hand with a fork while he's trying to maneuver his peas onto his fork. Believe me it's hard enough to try to teach them to sit properly at the dinner table with good table manners without potential weapons making the job harder.

I didn't understand pop at meals either until it was pointed out to me by a pop mom, milk is 3 times more expensive than pop. Juice is every bit as bad as pop. I would hazard to guess that most people in WV do not so much need to be lectured that "pop is bad" but how to plan economical menus that are comprised of healthy food. I hope that this is what the goal of the show is.

This might be a good one to watch with the kids. When is it on?


I worked at Head Start. We were amazed when a child knew how to sit at a table and use cutlery. Perhaps our most frequent question at meal times were: "Where is the TV?" and "Where is my pop?" One family we visted had NO utensils oother than the plastic forks from fast food places; it turned out she had never fed her children anything other than fast food, once they were off the bottle. It is an uphill battle---we had parents sneak fast food into the pokets of their children so they "won't starve on what you feed them."


I was sort of appalled by the family --- they seem very sweet and bewildered, but that four-year-old girl, already so overweight, just broke my heart. They seem sincere, and I really hope Jamie can help them.


I've been watching as well. I love that chubby teen he's connected with - I really hope he can help him.

H. Skippety

Wow, I'll have to watch that show.

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