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October 12, 2010



I guess that I will not be who I am if not for them. I know that most of us would have low self esteem when attacked by bullies. However, that's not the case for me because my dad would always tell me that I should change and improve for those bullies so at the end of the day they would run out of bad things to say to me.


i was not curious about my weight untill untill i was not on job, when i got job there is a lot of people who ask me about my fat bally dozens of time in a day, than i tuned my mind to reduce...........it. and now i lose 30 pounds and its continue.............

Suzanne Fleming-Atwood

Had a great day yesterday--exercise and food wise. I planned for my evening---ate a Luna Protein bar at 3:15 and wasnt' ravenous at dinner. Dinner was really balanced, baked turkey, roasted vegetables, rice.
I walked in the morning and did 25 minutes on the elliptical. The most exciting news is that my father has lost 7 lbs. He's about 50lbs overweight and has heart disease in the family. I've been worried about him for a while and have been encouraging him to "start the process" He's really inspired me to keep it up and hopefully I can check in with him every week and we can keep each other motivated. My dad is doing www.chrisanthonyfitness.com in the Pittsburgh area.


I was never very conscious of my weight until I was asked if I was pregnant. In middle school.

I had never had a weight problem until I hit puberty. And from that point forward, I was aware.
I was only picked on for a while. When I started high school, people became scared of me. Apparently I am intimidating. But I always got the feeling that people talked muttered about my weight behind my back.

I always dealt with it by ignoring it, but I too know that I never and still don't have it as bad as some people have had it.

Just wanted to put my two cents out there.

Your blog is inspirational to me, Cindy. I found it at work one night and have been reading it there on and off since.



I had a life changing experience in high school. I discovered everyone is bullied. I was a sickly child and I was in the hospital for a routine thing. While in the hospital I made friends with a member of the drill team (this meant she was very popular). At some point, I asked her why she was in the hospital. She was in because she tried to commit suicide.

At that point, I started talking to everyone and found out EVERYONE was teased for something. As I got older, I started working with kids and it just confirmed it.

I have to say it doesnt matter what you look like, you will get teased.

@Cindy I will try to make plans for eating when I don't feel well. Although, I did eat yogurt and fruit all day yesterday. I bought some gum (2 pieces 5 calories). I hope this will help be beat the grazing.

Today I felt better and was very active even went to my self-defense class. I was so proud of myself. I was able to do the 100 jumping jacks, 50 sit ups and 25 pushups! AND still do all the kicks and punches for my class.

Monster Soprano


Bullying made me who I am today, I think. I like to make fun of my imperfect body but, I do know I have some features that people like/love. I have great lips and no one can take those away from me!

Food wise, great day. Exercise wise, very small walk because I had to move furniture, clean and catch up on a million house duties with a teething baby today. Food journal got done. Even had time to blog. Also, went to the doctor, my knees are fine, no arthritis. So, I just need to take it easy and maybe warm up before I walk ...hmmm, interesting concept, right ?

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