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October 27, 2010



Reporting in on Cindy's Challenge #1: I joined a little late and wasn't able to do much as I have been sick with bronchitis and sinus issues. However, I somehow mangaged to lose five pounds! That loss is actually since Aug. 15 when I got sick. So, there is some benefit to illness and lack of appetite. I even had cookies for my birthday dessert in there.

Off topic with this thread, but Cindy, your mushroom soup broth soup with fire-roasted tomatoes has been a HUGE hit at my house. I bought tons more with lots of fresh veggies yesterday for more soup making.

This Marie Claire issue is hard to believe. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Cindy. There is tremendous, often-hidden prejudice against people who are even somewhat larger.

H. Skippety

Several weeks ago I was out with a friend who is in the healthcare field and who is very physically fit. This person was telling me that she has a bias against people who are overweight. She was telling me this while downing her fourth or fifth drink of the evening (I lost count).

This got me thinking about how fat people are in a similar position to LBGT people; they can't hide what other people are stigmatizing them for and so they are walking targets for the hostilities of strangers. But my friend can drink heavily and no one beyond her small personal circle will ever know it.

If I ever wrote science fiction, I might write about a society in which every socially stigmatized condition is equally visible. We could call it, "The Scarlet Alphabet."


I have to jump back in here...I am astonished, (to follow up on what Cindy said), by the complete tone-deafness of the editor (Joanna Coles). She really missed a great opportunity--if she would have responded with some intelligence and a little grace, she could have really changed how this thing is shaking out. It is all so disappointing. So long, Marie Claire!


We shouldn't cry over it, Rebecca ... actually, I think that every time a fat person has sex, they should text or email or comment on Maura Kelly's blog and inform her. "Oops! I did it again, Maura! Hubby and I just had some pretty delicious fat sex on the couch! There we go again, promoting obesity with our hot sex lives ..."


Read all your posts, but have not commented in a long time. Today I have to say: amen, amen. This makes me weep.


I am appalled by the statement. Why on earth would anyone think that to fat people cannot have love? Do she really believe fat people live in twin beds and have children by miraculous conception?

If anyone is promoting an unhealthy image to America, it is her very magazine. All those photoshop images are not real. Even the skinny and cute people are touched up to make skinnier and cuter. Ridiculous!




Princess, what's frustrating me most about this hullaballo is that Marie Claire and Maura Kelly are lapping it all up like cats with cream. I've always liked the magazine but I am so disappointed with this stance (and editor Joanna Coles' support of the article) that I am boycotting Marie Claire from now on. I'm canceling my subscription and writing to tell them why.

Melissa, I am so thrilled for you! I'm glad you found a way to make the food plan work for you and you have a great mantra. Keep up the good work!




Cindy, your letter to Marie Claire was simply extraordinary. Thank you! You are one heck of a writer!

It's been a while since I commented...but I would like to say I was inspired by your challenge. I got on board really late...

One thing that you frequently recommend and talk about is the concept and practice of making a food plan (and keeping a log). So, when the craving strikes...hmmmm...it's not on my plan...but if I really want it, I will plan for it...and maybe have it tomorrow.) Well, stubborn old me likes to say "I just can't do food-plans". (Knocking my head on the wall right now). Your challenge inspired me. And guess what? I am for the first time in my life working with a food plan, and it is working! (I thought I was the only person on the planet constitutionally unfit to follow a plan). Now, at this stage, I am sticking to it, and it is really helping!! I have always struggled with over-eating.

One more thing that is helping me. And I did not come up with this saying..but I read it recently (as it related to something else) and it really resonated with me as far as eating goes.

"Enough is good enough".

Knowing when to stop, and the idea that I really can have more of this food or whatever another day has been a struggle for me. So, I remind myself that "enough is good enough". This has been a mantra of mine. (hey, that would go good on a bracelet!)

Thank you, Cindy, for sharing your journey with us. You have really given me some great tools, And hearing how you deal with situations and what you say in your own head is extraordinarily helpful to me..and others.

Take care.

Princess Dieter

I am feeling really pissed at that beeyoth right now and, contrary to my normal kind, loving, peaceful and super happy disposition, I hope God zaps that bigot with a hugely rare glandular disorder that makes her 500 pounds. Let her see the other side for a few decades.

I watched the debut of that show. It was really sweet how he was shy and they were at the OA meeting and self-conscious. REally sweet.

And lots of us fat folks find love and that's REAL LOVE, not just bumping pelvises cause you're hot on a Friday night at some bar. Real love and great sex. i'm 252 lbs, and I have sex bout 4x a week and would do it DAILY if life didn't intrude. :) Hubby is hot, tall, normal weight, and he found me beautiful at 300 lbs and 150 lbs.

So, I'm telling "I hate fat people Maura" to go out into the street and take a look at the reality. Americans are not represented properly by Hollywood. We're not all Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts. We're a nation full of fatties, and if tv wants to be realistic, then it needs to show that.

Good thing I'm not sitting across that woman. I'd throw my protein shake in her bigot face.

Okay, I gotta go calm down.


More than once, I was hit on by muscle men (mostly for booty calls). I finally asked what the fascination was. One of the guys rather sheepishly told me that he just really enjoyed feeling a soft, curvy body next to his. He liked the contrast!
Maura Kelly's shallow little universe would probably implode if she saw that...

Monster Soprano

I will her article later, if and when Bambina decides to nap.

I used to get that ALL the time, and still do. My husband is tall, blond, blue eyes, lean and muscular.

I remember when we got engaged, I brought a picture to my office. I had about 10 girls say "Wow, he is not fat, he is a hunk."

WTF ? A big, fat, girl is not allowed to go out with a hunk ?

A previous boyfriend was a model. Yep, even fat girls go out with models.

Good Lord ...

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