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October 17, 2010



Sara, I'm going to answer your question in a post. Congrats on planning ahead with your food --- glad it worked out!

Suzanne, your menu sounds divine and brava for skipping the pie. Congrats on the 3 pounds! They still count, even if some of it is "previously covered ground". ;)

Ellen, your comment reminds me of something very similar that Dr. Kessler wrote in The End of Overeating. He writes about how treats used to be just that --- goodies you got every once in a while, and savored. But now every meal is marketed to be a treat. We treat ourselves nonstop. That's a mindset we have to overcome.

Lindsey, you have it UNDER CONTROL! I love the idea of immediately packaging leftover candy to have for little guests throughout the season. How cute, creative ... and crafty!


LOL Jennifer. As a special ed teacher for years, I kept a bag of powdered donuts in my room. Not for me and not for the kids. I kept it there for the janitors and maintenance. Anytime I called them to my room or if they just popped in, they could grab a donut. I so wanted them to WANT to come to my room instead of feeling like they HAD to come and it worked.

I have no problem with Halloween because I am not a candy fan. I think I was the only kid wanting fruit instead of candy. I actually gave away about 95% of my candy and only kept the best candy for myself.

Now I buy candy that I do not like but tend to be kids favorite to dish out. I only buy one bag of mini snickers to hand out. NO candy is opened before Halloween night.

At the end of the night, if I have any candy left over, I might pick out a snickers or two to eat. The rest I stuff in toilet paper rolls and wrap in tissue paper. They are then given out to little ones at the various parties the season brings.

Monster Soprano


I always had a weight problem. Halloween was a big deal for me, for the costume not the treats. My mom used to let us keep 101% of our loot. The rest, we had to donate to Senior Citizen's homes or the Food Bank. I know, sounds cruel but, she was doing us a favour. Candy was not allowed in our house. This year, our baby is too small to eat candy but, she has a costume. So, we hope to raise her about the importance of dressing up rather than eatin junk. We shall see!


Great post as usual. I liked the meat slurry reference. Working to make the unhealthy items we are constantly faced with a little less appealing is a good thing. Candy was once a treat, wasn't so readily available, and was able to be enjoyed, with no guilt on those special occasions. I remember my rail thin grandfather who would pass out a hard candy to us grandchildren. One little hard candy and we savored and enjoyed it.

Suzanne Fleming-Atwood

Again, great post Cindy!! I am a Halloween candy junkie. We haven't bought any yet, and I am waiting until the last minute. I've decided to buy myself some of my own treats like dark chocolate or licorice from World Market and let the kid's stash be a "No choice" option.
Update---I went to the gym today and had lost 3 lbs. since last week. 2 of those had been weight I gained back this month, but one of the pounds but me at my lowest that I've been since I started losing weight this summer. Yesterday, this is what my food plan looked like:
egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, grapefruit
small tangerine
Baked Egg plant parmesan
Cheeseburger without bun with sauted onions, mushrooms
roasted asparagus, broccoli, carrots
My neighbors had us over for dinner and I didn't feel stressed. I said no to the Marie Callendar's French Silk Chocolate Pie and today boy was I glad. It wasn't worth it!!


Knowing I would want to sleep as late as I could this morning after going to the Redskins game last night, I packed my lunch before the game and brought it to work today! I never do that. I have it in my head that food gets soggy/gross, but it's okay today. Major victory (despite the chili dog at the game).

I wrote out a food plan for Mon-Fri yesterday, too. How do you plan for the weekend? I tend to have last minute plans with friends (I'm single), so I can't imagine what the food situation will be Friday or Saturday night. The one certainty is that I will want to treat myself somehow, which I need to be wary of.

The food plan showed me how little food a week of healthy eating actually requires. When I go to the store without a plan, I end up buying much more food than I need. Later, I tell myself I have to eat it so it doesn't go bad, enabling overeating. Wake-up call!


Hi Jennifer,

I hadn't thought of the pitfall of using candy as a lure to get people into your office (you clever girl, you). I like the idea of placing it out of view ... and also filling it with the sort of candy you yourself would never consider eating!



I keep a candy jar at work full-time because it attracts people to my office, which is the last door before a void of empty offices being used for storage and the men's restroom. Otherwise, I'd get little to no casual traffic stopping by to say hello.

This wasn't a problem before because the candy jar was far enough away from my desk to be out of sight, out of mind. However, after rearranging things this summer, the candy jar is RIGHT THERE. Last week I realized how big of an issue it had become in the past two months. Your post has gently reminded me that it's time for a candy jar relocation.

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