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February 26, 2011



Oh, Zorah, don't apologize! I just wanted to make sure Sara got credit for her idea. :)

Wow, what a time you've had! I wish you luck on your road to recovery and better mojo!


Cindy & Sara -

Sara - Sorry about that. It was your idea & a great one at that. Thanks.

Cindy - Will do. It's been a crazy few years with multiple surgeries (from knee to brain) & one of my recovery issues is needing to focus very intently on one thing at a time. Which is why I missed that it was Sara's idea - I was probably typing and listening to something at the same time.


Sara and Zorah, let me know what you end up doing and how it works out for you! (BTW Zorah --- it was Sara's idea to concentrate on one item at a time. Credit where credit's due)!


This is great advice! I think I will start with the observation because, as you point out, the mental part is really what's hardest to change over time. I like the simple eating idea, too. Cindy, you're so helpful!


HI Cindy.
Thanks for the ideas for Sara. I think picking just one thing to work on at a time will help me. I tend to pick 2-3 and become overwhelmed in a few weeks time and that leads to feeling like a failure which leads to doing nothing. So, thanks.

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