Where's Cindy Singing Next?

  • Madame Armfeldt, A Little Night Music, Alamo City Opera
    February 3 & 4, 2018 https://www.alamocityopera.org/

Cindy on Stage

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    I play dress-up for a living.
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February 17, 2012



Thanks Mike ... but the Texas roaches would've eaten it. Everything's bigger in Texas, you know. ;)


Oh, how I wish I was, but there's still too much stuff to do with the house so alas....I will be braving the "winter" to the north. Which looks suspiciously like spring right now.

I'm sending oodles of positive juju your way, and mentioned to Mom and Papa Jim that you would be gracing the stage there. They were intrigued.

Mike Hawley

Honey, you could've slapped a saddle on that there Palmeeter Bug and ridden that sucker home to Texas. They do get big in Florida. Keep on going. You look great and you sound great! (on paper, that is).



Thanks, Marta. Thanks, Natalie! Good luck with your exams! Karen, are you visiting Mom and Papa Jim anytime soon? :)


I'm in the middle of exams at the moment, and I was SO happy to see a new post. And so relevant! These exams are massive, and I've put on about 6 pounds with stress eating and not finding the time to exercise, but you inspired me to get out and fit in a 20 min run this morning. I'm pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE for my life :) Thanks for the reboot inspiration.


Always look forward to your posts. You're inspiring. Keep on truckin'!


Mom and Papa Jim are outside of Tampa avoiding the "snow" up north. Y'all are practically neighbors!

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