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April 10, 2012



Yeah! I agree!great blog though!

Ann Donaldson Hazen

Thank you for links to those articles, Cindy, they were great, and provide much food for thought! I so enjoy your blog, too. The year after my husband passed away, I took up kickboxing to deal with my fury at the world. I loved it (and I have never loved any form of exercise). Keep it up, lady, you're fantastic!




I will never, ever, ever be all skin and muscle and fit into a size 0, even if I drink only protein shakes and exercise 5 hours a day. My body is just not built that way, and neither is my life! So thanks, Cindy, for reaffirming that it's JUST FINE to be healthy, strong, and deliciously curvy! I've heard boys like that. :)


Rawr. Very rawr. X )

Once again, another case of combatting the negative with positive and focusing on the positive. I've been seeing lots of examples of that myself, and I'm realizing that it's the Universe knocking on my head, going "hel-LO! Is this thing on? Message being sent, not being received! Wakey-wakey, eggs and bac-ey!"

So thank you for helping the message finally sink in through my mane and into my skull. X )

Also, the neo-hippie in me loves that you wore a tie-dye scarf. X )


Runner2012, I don't see how this is insulting to you. Did you read Eileen's article? It's not exclusionary and it doesn't put down people who are thin and strong. It simply asks that other fit, strong people who work hard and don't or can't achieve what seems to be society's ideal body type be included in that vision of strength and health.

I can see how the term "RealStrong" might be exclusionary, as it could be taken to mean that there's a "fake" strong, but I really don't think that's what she meant.


Yawn. How insulting is the whole "REAL STRONG" bit to people who happen to be quite strong and indeed thin - and work at it? They are indeed real people too. I am. I work very hard at being able to have fantastic, strong muscle mass, but also be thin. That doesn't make me less of a person than anyone else. It's cute though how people who aren't what I am need to insult me to make themselves feel good, especially after they bemoan having it done to them. Yeah, that makes them REALLY strong now, doesn't it?


Thanks, ladies. And Shawn, this sounds like an issue that would respond REALLY well to Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Start by simply recognizing and calling yourself out (without shame!) every time you do it. Hey look, I'm comparing myself to other women again. Just notice, first. And then you can start to work on it.

H. Skippety

Heh. You've always been kickass. ;-)


I wish only for a day when I do not automatically compare my self physically in terms of "better" or "worse" than every other woman I meet, or even SEE. Yes, I truly am that damaged.


This is so timely. THANK YOU.


This is extraordinary!!! Good for you and all us REAL girls workin' it out! Brava, Cindy!

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