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May 03, 2012



Thank you for saying what you did in the comments to Rebekah: You aren't fat. You have fat. It does not define who you are as a human being, although I know it feels that way sometimes." It's the single best statement I have heard in my personal health journey that has shifted my mindset. Thank you.

Rebekah - hang in there. You aren't alone. There are many of us taking the same steps you are. We walk together.


Love it, Greg ... you know what *I* call her ...


Hi Cindy,

I enjoyed this parody of Paula Deen. I thought you might too.


This is not a comment per se. just made me laugh!

Greg (Tokyocowboy)


Cindy and Rebecca, thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I wish the rest of the world could be this positive and caring.

Cindy, your blog is such a motivation to me. I recently started a yoga class with my 'Cindy' mentality -- Just show up and do your best! I wouldn't have done that in the past, so a million thanks to you for sharing your journey.


HI Cindy, yes I am a chorister, and I'm not sure I am in love with the new production of the Ring, but man, o man...being on stage while the men sing that amazing music...WOW!!!! Its a blast. And now the season is almost over, and I will rest and concentrate on me.

Rebekah, Cindy said everything I would want to say, too. Sending you love and light. And do yourself a favor...weigh out .8 pounds of chicken fat sometime. Its not nothin'.


Rebecca, do I remember correctly that you're in the chorus at the Met? I am jealous that you get to be involved in the Ring Cycle! What an experience that must be!

It is AWESOME that your costume is loose! I noticed the other night with my Romeo & Juliette costumes, which were built for me, that the waist of the dress is now hanging away from my body, and that's just from a few weeks. YAAAY for needing smaller costumes!


Dear, dear Rebekah,

It makes me so sad to read your comment. You are not a blight on humankind! You are not a burden on society! You are not fat. You HAVE fat. It does not define who you are as a human being, although I know it feels that way sometimes.

From your writing, it's clear that you are an intelligent, well-educated, empathetic person. I bet you have many other wonderful qualities as well. I bet you have skills and talents, you have worked hard to develop and are good at, that most other people can't do.

And you have willpower. You have discipline. It takes a LOT of both to make lifestyle changes. Whether or not you succeed at them is not the point -- the fact that you keep trying shows that you are hard-working and determined. ALL wonderful qualities. How could a person like that be a blight or a burden?

You may have been the victim of a lot of fat hate, or even just well-meaning but ignorant people who think that somehow it's escaped your notice that you're fat. Haters are the blight on society. They are insecure, unhappy people who are actively out there attempting to spread their unhappiness to others. Don't buy what they're selling. They don't know a thing about you or your habits. Half of them are cheating on their spouses, stuffing their faces with junk food, getting wasted on the weekend, cheating on their income tax, or indulging in any number of other unhealthy and possibly immoral habits that are injurious to themselves and others. The public just can't identify their shortcomings as easily as they can someone whose perceived shortcoming is physical. They are not worth worrying about.

As for your progress with Weight Watchers, that's wonderful! Listen, you don't WANT to lose the weight too quickly. When it comes off fast, it goes back on fast, too. And also, you don't want to cut your calories (or points) back too severely --- you want to do it as slowly and as little as you need to keep losing, because at some point, the body says "enough is enough" and will stop losing, no matter how few calories you're putting in. You need that amount to be healthy and reasonable and maintainable for you.

Just keep up the good work, and if you fall, don't let it get you down or keep you down. You can ALWAYS start over at the very next meal! And find ways other than the scale to measure your progress. Weight is hardly the only measure of success. Body measurements, how you look and feel and fit into your clothing, what you can do easily that was hard before --- these are MUCH better indications of your health and success than mere weight. Shoot for health and fitness first, and weight loss will be a benefit of that. Good luck!



I have been telling myself to be kind along this long, long path to better health. Losing .8 pounds a week feels like a failure sometimes because it's not the BIG number I expect to see. I've been fooled by tv weight loss shows -- "9 pounds a week! This is doable! Just try harder!"

Weight Watchers is working well for me at the moment. I like that they didn't expect me to cut my food intake all the way down to a 'normal' range immediately. That would have been disastrous for me. Slowly stepping down the points is working. Making little, but noticeable changes and omissions makes me more cognizant of how my behavior is tied to the downward slide of the scale. And I'm becoming more and more comfortable with making healthy choices, and that feels empowering.

Honestly, when I get frustrated with my sloooow progress, I realize that I'm more worried about other people's view of my progress than my own well being. I feel like such a burden on society sometimes that I just want to get the weight off quickly so as not to be a blight on humankind anymore.


My doctor always tells me that 90% compliance is GREAT. So thats what I aim for, and when I slide, I just get back on track the next day. I have not seen a huge change on the scale, but I can take my jeans off without unzipping the zipper, and tonight I noticed that my fitted costume for Gotterdammerung which is supposed to be ankle length is now hitting the floor. Which reminds me that the scale does not tell the whole story. Onward!

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