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June 16, 2012



Debra, thanks for your comment and congrats on your weight loss! I am 100% with you about the exercise. Also, I'm tickled that you mention the Lose It app --- a friend introduced it to me recently and I've been trying it out. In fact, my very next post is going to be about it! Great minds ... :)


Hi Cindy--
I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now--it always inspires me. Last week I finally hit the minus 100 pound mark, as compared to my weight 10 years ago. Of course, I probably lost 3 to 4 times that amount over the years. The losses came in fits and starts, depending on what was going on in my life and what motivation I had at the moment.
Two things are for sure for me--I have to exercise. For me that means 10,000 steps a day plus a couple of days at the gym doing weight training. And second, despite anything else I try, I always go back to counting calories. It is the only way I really know for sure how much food I am taking in. I started using the app Lose It! a couple of years ago and it really helps. For one thing, it helps me know that I am eating enough protein. For another, if I have a really awful morning (which, thank goodness, I have not had in a while) and stop at the donut shop on the way to work, rather than panicking and thinking the day (and then the week, and maybe the month) are lost so why bother, I can total up the damage and deal with what I have to do for the rest of the day to stay within my goal, or at least close to it.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the app, because I have seen you struggling for quite a while now, and thought maybe a switch to calorie counting for a change might help. Knowing how you feel about it, I have hesitated, but since you mentioned you are thinking about it . . .
Best of luck!


Hi Cindy.

Great post. Thank you. I used to think of my attempts at losing weight & getting healthier as "let's start this again". (In the last 8 years I've had 10 surgeries & what with all the recoveries, steroid regimens {craniotomies always require steroids it seems - not that I've had 10 of those! - just 4, the rest were knee & abdominal plus vestibular issues - it's a long story} and just plain ol I'm-sad-at-all-these-changes-so-I-deserve-these-donuts eating.) But then I realized that I wasn't looking at it right (for me, anyway). It's all part of the same process/march forward - I know what I mean, I'm just not finding the right words - I had to think of it as all the same attempt with lots of meandering. For some reason changing the way I thot of it helped me stop doing the I'll-just-eat-this-box-of-12-donuts-and-start-over-tomorrow rationalizing.
This post will remind me that it's not how I look as I do my still slow and slightly staggering walks - it's that I'm out there walking. It's that I'm trying and that's what is important.
Your blog helps me. Thanks for writing it.


I don't believe in spending loads of dough on workout clothes. I guess I might spend more if somebody could convince me they were really worth it, but I do just fine with stuff I find at Kohl's, Walmart, and Target.


amen. and lululemon makes me nuts too. Athleta will have my money forever, even if I COULD wear lululemon because of their sizing. not all athletes are skinny.

Georgeanne @ The Arkansassy Soprano

Great post, Cindy. As someone on her own weight-loss journey, I have to be conscious and realize that my "result" is not any one physical characteristic--it's my HAPPINESS. It's changing my relationship with food and loving myself enough to put fuel into my body rather than garbage.

Thank you.


Damn fat cells!


And again, and again, and again. It's those fat cells; they try to win the battle. I've often read that once we have them, they stay. They get thinner, but always want to regain their puffy stature. I feel that there is where the fight needs to focus.

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