Where's Cindy Singing Next?

  • Carmen, Carmen in Concert, Hallettsville Cultural Events Center, 2014
    Saturday, August 30, 2 p.m. https://www.hallettsvilleculturaleventcenter.org/
  • Mrs. Clancy, The Italian Lesson, Pine Mountain Music Festival, 2014
    July 29, 30; August 1 http://www.pmmf.org/handel-and-hoiby-opera-concert
  • Prince Orlovsky, Die Fledermaus, Syracuse Opera, 2014
  • Gertrude, Romeo et Juliette, Austin Lyric Opera 2015
    January 24, 29; February 1 www.austinlyricopera.org

Cindy on Stage

  • Marcellina, The Marriage of Figaro, Jacksonville Symphony 2014
    I play dress-up for a living.
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June 20, 2012


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I really love having such a interesting and useful apps..


These apps are indeed great tool for our fitness goals, which means we cant cheat ourselves.


I am positively hooked on My Fitness Pal. It's so flexible, and much better than manual logging. My only problem is backing away from it--the social networking aspect is super-addicting. Glad you are finding Lose It useful. I'm going to check it out.

Georgeanne @ The Arkansassy Soprano

I have an iPhone and I used Lose It for awhile, but right now I'm using My Fitness Pal-- a similar app! I really like the social media integration.


As much as I hate to track Weight Watchers points, it has worked for me and helps me know where I need to improve. I wonder if that app works on a blackberry, it seems very good.

I have started looking at labels like a maniac again. Even labels for what our daughter eats. I try not to eat processed food but, sometimes, it is a reality when you have a starving toddler and nerves are just about to crack! Good post!

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