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November 21, 2012



Marta, thanks for your post! I'm doing better. The cortisone shot was not a cure-all, but I am no longer limping or swelling as much. There's still some pain, especially if I overdo. I just have to be careful. The biggest tragedy in all of this is NO HIGH HEELS. Sob. I love my high heels.


Just catching up with you knee injury and hope like hell that things have settled down for you since Wednesday. I've never had a cortisone shot and hope I never have to but for all the pain you're going through I sure as hell hope that you're feeling better by now and that you've found a comfortable position.


Okay, I totally had to look up the term seisamoid to find out what/where you were talking about. I learned something new today. X )

I had a cortisone shot for trigger finger in my right index. The shot hurt (though I'm sure nowhere near as much as one to the knee), and my finger looked like a bratwurst for about 18 hours and HURTYHURTHURT for at least the first 12, but I was able to muddle through the day with it, and after the 18-hour mark, it was like someone deflated my finger and voila - near full mobility restored.

I do hope your ouch-ness and hobbling will be replaced with relief and freedom of movement lickety-split.

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