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  • Madame Armfeldt, A Little Night Music, Alamo City Opera
    February 3 & 4, 2018 https://www.alamocityopera.org/

Cindy on Stage

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February 24, 2013



Thanks for reading, Cristina! I'm still blogging at Mezzo with Character. Different slant. Lots of soapbox issues --- whatever interests me, really --- more about the oh-so-glam life of an opera singer, recipes, etc. I plan to do more health/fitness stuff too, eventually. :)


Cindy, I'm late to the party I guess. Wondered where you went. Enjoyed your blog for many years. Peace, love and happiness as the journey continues.


Cindy - i've read your blog, and empathized and enjoyed it. I've heard your gorgeous voice (on YouTube only so far. You're an artist.)
I admire you greatly, and boy, do I understand your anger and frustration. You're magnificent, and I look forward to reading more from you on Mezzo with Character.

Melanie Greenberg

Dear Cindy -- I admire you tremendously, and thank you for the love and energy you put into this blog over the years. You have been a wonderful source of inspiration for me in my own weight loss struggles (I'm now in an "up" phase, where I can relate to what you are going through), and I will miss your witty voice and great recipes! But there is so much more to life than weight loss, and I admire your transferring your energy to a blog that showcases all your talents and the multifaceted areas of your life and career. You are gorgeous! Warmly, Melanie


I have really appreciated your posts. Thanks for all that you've been willing to share. And all good thoughts as you continue on your path.


Getting older is hard on a woman ... there's a whole new list of what you are and aren't supposed to be. F*** 'em, I say. :)

Dalila Valentine

Thank you for posting this. As you know, I have long been one of your admirers. Not only do you have the life I wish I were living a lot of the time, you also know how to take your anger and frustration and turn it into wit that many people can identify with. I also identify with blogging as therapy. And what I learned from the movie Julie Julia was that if you (I, I suppose)write well enough about something, people might be interested in your writing, even if you don't excel enough at the thing you're DOING to attract any notice. I have become a follower of "Mezzo with Character". How a propos for both of us! Interestingly, everything you say about weight (which is spot on) could also be said about age. People who would never say anything about racial groups, or even gay people, think it's ok to make fun of senior citizens (at 62 I now legally qualify as one despite my flaming red hair and Dalila soul)and don't even realize what they're doing.

I wish you all the best. I think you look sexy and gorgeous at any weight, and sing like an angel.

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